Care Ministry

Care Ministry

Our Mission to create a safe and confidential environment at Capital Baptist Church that is free of judgment; where people who have experienced trauma can find the support and resources they need to move beyond their circumstances.  We will incorporate a trauma-informed approach, always with a focus on our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the source of our strength and hope. – Heather Halverson, Care Ministry Leader

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18

What is Trauma-Informed Care at CBC?

The primary meaning of the word Trauma (from the Greek) is “wound”. Many of us have been wounded by verbal, physical, sexual, and other kinds of abuse, neglect, death & loss of loved ones, accidents, injury & illness, divorce, war, natural disaster, or a myriad of other experiences.

Traumatic experiences and the wounds they have left upon our lives may have caused symptoms like flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, strained relationships; even physical symptoms like headaches, panic attacks, and nausea.

For some of us, our trauma represents spiritual or religious violations that negatively impacted our relationship with God.

As trauma survivors, we try to make sense of our painful experiences, incorporating the meaning into our current worldview in ways that might be helpful, but could also turn out to be harmful. Our goal as a faith-based, trauma-informed care ministry is to help others find understanding, forgiveness, and peace, as it has been promised to us in the Bible.

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