Losing To Live

Losing To Live


The Losing to Live weight-loss competition is a faith based weight-loss program.  It was created by Pastor Steve Reynolds, Senior Pastor of Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC).  He is the author of Bod4God: Twelve Weeks To Lasting Weight Loss.


Steve had been overweight all his life.  In fact, he weighed more than 100 pounds in the first grade!  After playing football during high school and college, he vowed never to exercise or run laps again.  That was one promise he kept, ballooning to 340 pounds and staying there for years.  In Bod4God, Steve Reynolds—whom the media labeled “the Anti-Fat Pastor” after he lost more than 100 pounds—shares the simple lifestyle changes, both inside and out, that have led to his incredible weight loss.  He shows how you can change your life forever by committing your body to God’s glory.  Bod4God helps you craft your own personal plan that you will follow gladly for the rest of your life.


The Losing to Live weight-loss program has been featured on local, national, and international media including FOX News and CNN, as well as the front pages of the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.


This is a weight-loss program that really works!  Vivian Hutson, a noted nutritionist, said “Bod4God has produced more sustainable weight-loss for its participants than any other program that I have been involved with in my twenty years as a dietitian.”


Statistics show that Christians are the most overweight people group in America.  Losing to Live has been designed to confront and solve this problem.  This program will show you how to lose weight and keep it off through establishing a Bod4God lifestyle.


The competition takes place over a twelve week period of time.  Each participant is assigned to a team.  Team meetings occur once per week.  All participants have the same goal which is to fight against obesity as they compete with team members and other teams.  This competition offers participants an opportunity to lose weight in a fun and supportive environment.


Losing to Live has helped thousands of people lose tons of weight.  So, don’t try and lose weight by yourself.  Come and join a team of losers.


For more information visit www.bod4god.org, email: sreynolds@bod4god.org or call

703-635-7100 or 866-596-6008. You may also contact Pastor Steve Reynolds about speaking to your church or organization.