1 Year Later – 3 Observations at Capital Baptist

1 Year Later – 3 Observations at Capital Baptist

I can not believe it’s been one whole year since I came on board at Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, Va. as Pastor of Students and Media. This year has been a great adventure, one on which I’ve had an opportunity to get to grow closer to God and to my church family. It’s been a great learning experience. Yet, of all the things that I’ve come to learn about CBC, 3 observations stick out to me.

Diversity is our greatest strength. Here at Capital Baptist, if there is one we are NOT,  it’s homogenous. This is probably the most diverse community I have ever been part of.  This community is an accurate representation of heaven in the sense that there are people from all over there world here; Philippians, Korea, Central America, South America, Africa, to name a few places. Every culture is honored and respected, which is rare in today’s day and age. This cultural diversity makes our unity for the cause of Christ even more pronounced.


Community leadership shows up. I’ve worked in human services for my entire career, and I’ve never seen the dedication from volunteers and community stack-holders that I have encountered here at Capital Baptist Church. In most cases, the 80 -20 rule applies, which says that 20 percent of the people do 80% of the work. However, during my time here, I’ve seen that turned on its head. Don’t believe it? Just come out for a church “workday.” You will see everyone from middle schoolers to seasoned saints, all working together. 


Family support. This is the most personal of the three observations, for me. The support my family and I have received from the church, in general, and the pillars of the church, more specifically, has been incredible. This community is one that knows how to rally around people.  During rough seasons, these individuals have surrounded my family and made sure we had all the support that we needed. My wife would testify that our family has never felt so blessed and supported.  


Just a quick reflection on my time here. There is much more I could mention but I’ll save that for some other time. 


Pastor Ryan A. Sturgis