Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Statement of Purpose

Security is a priority for us at Capital Baptist Church.  In fact, many churches throughout the area have been compelled to review their safety and security programs in light of aggression upon places of worship that have become all too common – at both local and national levels. Unfortunately, all churches are at risk.

There is no way for us to predict what kind of, or even if, a violent act will occur. The key is to be prepared ahead of time to respond in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or hostile act in order to protect lives and property.

CBC’s SSMART Team was created to establish a formal safety program that includes identifying and mitigating potential risks to our people, buildings and church campus. Team members may have to deal with issues such as, developing policy, managing incidents, providing first aid/CPR, helping individuals in need of special assistance, and coordinating security for church activities.

Mission Statement:

SSMART establishes and oversees activities necessary to provide a safe and peaceful worship place for followers of Christ, both members and visitors, at Capital Baptist Church.

What To Do If…

Did you witness an incident? Please click HERE to download an incident report form. Complete the form and return to the church Secretary within twenty-four hours of the incident.

If you have a concern to share with the SSMART team, please email your concern to Pastor Steve Reynolds –  Your concern will be addressed by the team, in consultation with the Pastor Steve, and resolved as appropriate.