Youth Secret Church

What is life like for those that live where freedom of religion does not exist? What would it look like for you to live in a country that being a Christian is illegal?

Secret church is a small taste of that. Capital Young Adults will be patrolling the grounds and buildings looking for our youth. If they find you, you go to jail. The youth will need to get onto campus and into the meeting place for prayer, worship and bible study without being caught. If caught, they will be arrested and put in our Capital Jail where they will need to have scripture memorized to share God’s word with others in jail with them. This Youth led event will develop a respect for what others go through in order to Believe in Jesus. Would you be so determined in those countries to risk jail for Jesus. How hard would it be to evangelize?

For more information call or text Pastor Anthony 727-492-2619



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Aug 17 2024


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Capital Baptist Church
3504 Gallows Road Annandale, Virginia
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